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How To Place An Order With Us:

Please e-mail us a Purchase Order (PO) in any format containing the following information:

  • Your Company Name or your name and contact info
  • Manufacture Part Number and/or Model Number
  • Quantity and unit price
  • Exact shipping address with contact name, phone number and postal codes

 Another option is to register on our website and to enter your order online.

Once we have this information we will e-mail you a Pro Forma Invoice (Sales Order). We will reserve the items for 3 business days - long enough for a wire transfer to be received.

More details:
  • You will need to register with us using our website. This will include providing us with information about your company. We will review your application and will reply to you with your own user ID and password.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to view our pricelist and use our website to place an order.
  • Although you can always call us directly or use instant messenger to contact us, we do prefer to receive any inquiries through email, ensuring accuracy of order information and shipping details.
  • All orders are processed in the sequence in which they are received. Please pay attention to the location of your desired items. Please try not to place orders in which most of the computers are from one location, while a small amount of computers is from a separate location. Doing this creates additional complications when you need to ship a complete order to one location. (It is still possible to do this, however it may involve some extra shipping charges to combine the orders)
Never hesitate to ask us for any questions you may have. We strive to find a solution to satisfy your needs.

Contact Details

2711 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019
Tel. 718-502-6510

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