Q: What are my shipping options?
A: You have several options for shipping. We ship worldwide. If your order is of a larger quantity, we pack it on pallets and ship with air cargo companies. These companies handle all document preparation, booking and transporting orders directly from our warehouses. If order quantity is smaller than pallet size we typically ship using FedEx or other carriers. If shipped using our account, shipping charge for your order will be increased.
Q: What is the difference between a refurbished notebook and a new notebook?
A: We sell both refurbished and new products. Both are transported from the manufacturer in sealed boxes, which we never open. The warranty for new products is 1 year. The warranty for refurbished products is 90 days. We also sell C-Stock, which are also refurbished and packed by the manufacturer. They have minor cosmetic blemishes on casing, excluding the screen.
Q. How do you accept payment for ordered items?
A: Our only acceptable method of payment is through Wire Transfer. When we finalize an order with the customer, we provide our bank details along with finalized Sales Order /Proforma. We recommend customers to email us a copy of TT as soon as it is available to ensure that we continue to hold your confirmed items for you. Please always communicate with us via email regarding any unexpected problems.
Q: Is it possible to pick-up order locally directly from your warehouse?
A: Yes. If you are local reseller, you will need to provide us with the copy of your reseller’s certificate. Another alternative is to send your forwarding company for pick-up if the order has a international destination.
Q. What if there is a problem with one or more computers we ordered.
A. Most computers we sell covered by US warranty. If you experience any issue with any computer(s) please try to resolve it locally. Please do not ship your computer back to us without our authorization. Each occurrence of issues with product(s) will be evaluated on an individual basis. Please note that we are wholesale company and unfortunately, we do not provide repair service for computers.


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